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Community Spotlight: TTYLNYC

Feb. 5, 2021

Liana Pavane grew up in a healthy tech household before that was the popular parenting method. Her parents limited her tech use during the week so that she couldn’t watch TV Monday-Friday. Due to these restrictions, she used her creativity and imagination to pass the time after school and on the weekends. As technology began to increase throughout her adolescence, Liana noticed herself being drawn to her phone. Social media gained momentum when she was in college and she became addicted to these apps just like her friends around her.

TTYL—a tech-free community dedicated to human connection—materialized in Liana’s head while on vacation with her family right after graduation. Having unnecessary FOMO for her friends back home, she longed for a space full of nostalgic activities from her childhood such as board games, coloring, and Play-Doh, popular activities seen at her pop-up events today.

After going on a social media detox and connecting with other members in what is now known as the digital wellness community, Liana hosted her first TTYL pop-up in January 2019. Her events have evolved from a basic happy hour feel to a full curated event with entertainment ranging from singers and comedians, a sex and relationship coach, or tarot and aura readers. Liana’s mission is to help create more tech/life balance and allow people to connect in a meaningful way.

What has your business been working on recently?

Since events aren’t happening right now, I have been focusing on coaching individuals. I want to help people restructure their lives to create more tech/life balance so that they can find more time to do what they love. I’ve also launched a book club called: The Book Nook with another community, Conscious City Guides. We figured the winter would be the perfect time to encourage our communities to cozy up with a book and ditch the tech.

How are things going in nyc?

It’s so strange to be in NYC during the pandemic because it honestly just feels like any other city or town nowadays. It’s finally the city that does sleep! The shops close early and no one is outside past 8pm. Most people seem to be huddled inside now that it’s cold and without indoor dining, there’s a constant feeling of emptiness. I’m happy to say that I hardly see anyone without a mask. Everyone is being very safe.

Can you tell us what your business is good at?

TTYL is a wonderful place to foster meaningful relationships because your phone is being stripped away. It’s a place to come alone and walk away with a new friend or bring your friends and get to know them on a deeper level. TTYL is a community of people who are looking to meet like-minded individuals. It’s also a place to find tech/life balance through my 1:1 coaching or workshops that I host.

Do you really take away people’s phones?

Yes! All my events clearly outline that I take phones away at the door. I usually have someone collecting phones at the check-in table by providing individuals with a coat check number. Their phone is then wrapped in a rubber band with that coat check number and put in a box that is watched at all times. It’s super old school and has been working well so far!

What was your favorite event to date?

Each of my events are so special, but I really enjoyed my dating event last January called PLAYdate. I didn’t want it to be a typical speed dating event so I brought in a sex and relationship coach to curate the evening. She answered anonymous questions that the attendees filled out about sex, relationships, and dating while also playing a fun game of truth or dare (we only played truth to keep it PG). Many people came up to me after the event and said they had given their number to someone!

What are you up to next?

To be honest, it’s been pretty tough to pivot my business during the pandemic since it relies heavily on the fact that technology is not involved. Besides coaching and The Book Nook, I’m taking a big step back from the business and I’ve decided to focus on other projects that are unrelated to TTYL such as starting a podcast. My creativity is always churning :)


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