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Three NYC Discord Servers Bringing New Yorkers Together

Dec. 29, 2020

Discord is one of those websites/services that kinda just epitomizes internet culture. The app is not your typical instant messaging platform. It has its own unique (and nerdy) subculture brimming with communities centered around everything from videogames, to D&D to even lo-fi beats. 

So naturally, the people inhabiting a city as diverse and interesting as New York City would use Discord to start up a few unique NYC-based online communities, especially to help deal with loneliness. In a city as large as New York, people can sometimes feel surprisingly isolated. Fortunately the NYC discords that are around can help users, especially new residents, find new friends and social groups while minimizing contact during a pandemic. 

Here are three NYC Discord communities that help the Big Apple feel like a friendlier place:

  • rNYCFriends: NYCFriends is a small but incredibly active community of younger New Yorkers looking for others who want to build friendships. Originally a subreddit, the community is tight knit with members being active at all times of the day. There’s even a channel offering open invites to events and gatherings, although COVID has slowed down activity.

However, half of the channels in the NYCFriends Discord are oriented around interests. This makes finding people in your hobby community a lot easier and less intimidating. Talking to people online is significantly less threatening than speaking to them in real life, after all.

Speaking of chatting, the NYCFriends discord has a number of friendly chat rooms and voice chats oriented around a number of themes. There’s a place for newcomers to introduce themselves, a dating advice chat, a “ask NYC friends chat” (for more general questions) and, of course, a meme chat. 

  • rNYCMeetups: rNYCMeetups is another subreddit Discord oriented around finding more friends in the NYC metro area. However, rather than just acting as a general chat community, the rNYCMeetups Discord is focused more on bringing people together in their neighborhoods.

rNYCMeetups has channels centered around all the five major neighborhoods in NYC: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx. The people in these rooms usually share local news, discuss local happenings, ask for recommendations for good local businesses/restaurants. Overall, it's a place for locals to just be human.

Outside of the neighborhood specific channels are some more general chats. They cover everything from news, to work, to even COVID developments. There’s even a chat to blow off steam and talk about feelings.

However, the main draw of the Discord is the “meetups” feature that is its namesake. The rNYCMeetups Discord has multiple chats just dedicated to helping people meet and find other local New Yorkers who they might want to hang out with. The Discord server has a calendar feed where people can post open events/plans with specific times, dates, and other details.

There are other neat tools: like an “interest-check” channel where people throw around ideas for something fun to do and gauge other people’s interest. There’s also a “last-minute” channel where people can share or join plans last minute. Perfect for those of us who are more spontaneous.

  • NYC: Just going simply as “NYC”, this Discord server is a bit of the two other servers combined. It has a couple general chats along with some channels dedicated to both the major NYC neighborhoods as well as a handful of hobbies/interests. 

This particular NYC server is pretty small compared to the others but rather relaxed. It feels more like a small neighborhood with a regular set of faces than a sprawling and intimidating discord server with hundreds of active users. Overall, this server is perfect for those who want a smaller, more personable community.

Making new friends can be hard.

This was true even before a pandemic sent everyone inside. However, getting out there and being social doesn’t have to be difficult.

The NYC Discord servers on our list are great ways to talk to new people in a relaxed environment without even leaving your house. And since the servers are centered around New York City itself, residents can have a much easier time meeting their online buds IRL.

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