Our 3rd Thanksgiving with (Reddit) Friends has to be virtual, but that won't stop us from celebrating together! [Thursday, 11/26, dinner at 5PM]


It wouldn't be Thanksgiving for me without inviting you all over, even if I can't do it in person! This year, for safety's sake, we're doing our traditional everyone-welcome Thanksgiving celebration a little differently. We can't all sit around my apartment and share a meal, but we can still hang out with new friends and be glad we're all here together in these strange times. This will be the 9th annual Thanksgiving with friends I've hosted (I've been doing this since college), and the 3rd I've invited Reddit to. We always have a wonderful time, and I hope this year will be fun even though things are different.

Fill out this form to be emailed the instructions for joining us using Zoom, recipe ideas from other guests, and a couple of virtual backgrounds so we can look like we're at the same table just for fun.

Here are a few random photos (I really need to improve at remembering to take them, not just in the quieter moments) from the past two years - we typically have a max of about 20 people at once, most of whom have never met, cooking and eating together or just dropping by to hang out in a warm, welcoming place for a bit. One good thing about having a virtual event is that we can't run out of physical space, so there isn't a limit on the number of people who can join the way there usually is. Technically, you don't even have to be in New York, though we'll be using EST for scheduling as usual.

I'll open the door (well, the meeting) at 3PM for low-key hanging out and cheering one another on as we put together our meals. The main event - sitting down and eating together - will be at 5PM. After that, we'll hang around and eat dessert. If you've already got plans for eating your meal somewhere else but still want to join to say hello, after dinner is traditionally the time to drop by, and you'll be welcome the same way this year. We'll keep the meeting open at least until 7PM, or until we get sleepy. Video chatting is a lot more tiring than hanging out in person, so we'll cut ourselves some slack if we're not up all night this time. :-)

Each year, our communal table is a mix of traditional dishes from our family backgrounds, comforting favorites of our own, and takeout from restaurants and bakeries in our neighborhoods. We often end up swapping recipes, so if you'd like to share a favorite in advance, I'll email it along to everyone!

This is a Thanksgiving for you if...

You don't have somewhere else to be, whether by necessity or choice, or you'd like another place to go before or after your family event.

You'd like to treat a bunch of people you've never met like family in the best sense of the word. All the good food (sadly, not a potluck this year, though we'll share recipes) and fun conversation, none of the encounters with unpleasant relatives.

You've perhaps never experienced an American-style Thanksgiving and think it would be fun! getting to see people introduced to a tradition they'd seen in media but never tried has been really fun.

You're an introvert, or an extravert, or somewhere in between. I'm naturally on the seriously quiet side, but the meetups (Thanksgiving and others) I've hosted over the past few years have felt great. We'll be happy to have you there whether you like to talk lots or just be together.

When: "Come over" virtually any time starting at 3PM on Thanksgiving Day. Plan to have your own meal ready at 5PM if you'd like to eat it together. After that, we'll hang out until we're sleepy.

Where: Via video chat or phone this year! Fill out this form so I can send you the Zoom info.

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Posted March 11, 2021